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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Loss of hearing is a widespread medical condition around the world. There are many reasons for hearing loss and some loss can be attributed to more than one cause. That’s why we offer several services related to the auditory system at Audiology Hearing Clinic of Mequon. If you are facing hearing health problems, let one of our audiologists help you with the following solutions:

Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluations

If you have questions about your ability to hear, your best option is to request a thorough hearing evaluation. This comprehensive testing and evaluation do more than simply check your hearing at volume. It is designed to check for causes of hearing loss and recommend the next steps to take toward better hearing.

Hearing loss is measured in stages ranging from mild to profound loss. The computer tests and charting now available produce accurate representations of an individual’s ability to hear. Causes are important but diagnosis and treatment are the solutions to every patient’s hearing problems.

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Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

Your first step toward better hearing is a hearing test. This fast and simple test is designed to accurately detect your ability to hear sounds or words and varying volumes and pitches. The results are shown graphically on a chart. 

The test equipment is earphones and a device worn on the head to detect sound traveling through the bones near the ear. Testing is painless and lasts a few minutes. 

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Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

Earmolds are plastic or rubberized material shaped to the inside of the outer ear for each individual. Earmolds form the holding device for some hearing aid amplifiers. Every ear is unique, much like a fingerprint; every earmold is made for a single ear.

Custom earplugs are used for specific hearing protection purposes like hunting, construction work, swimming and other loud or concussive situations. 

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Evaluation and Fitting for Musician's Ear Plugs

Musicians need a specific style of product for hearing protection: they want to lessen the volume but hear every note as it is played. Earplugs and monitors for this purpose were developed to allow more frequencies into the ear canal. Custom earmolds and earplugs are used as the basis for musicians’ monitors.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting

The first question most people experiencing hearing loss ask is, “Do I need hearing aids?” When the answer is “Yes,” after testing and evaluation, the technicians at Audiology Hearing Clinic of Mequon will help you find exactly the right products for your unique hearing needs.

For example, most hearing aid users want to hear speech more clearly in a variety of sound situations. If you spend a lot of time in loud, crowded areas, a hearing aid can be selected for that purpose. 

Also, fitting the hearing aid is both an art and a science. As you use the devices, you might find that they work better in some situations than others. This is why selection and fitting are so important. 

There are four basic categories of hearing aids:

  • Invisible in canal: This hearing aid rests completely and invisibly inside the ear canal. It’s the smallest hearing device but is still very powerful and full-featured. 
  • In the canal: Devices that may not be invisible but are small, compact and comfortable to wear.
  • In the ear: Hearing aids work mainly in the ear canal but have components for amplification in the outer ear bowl.
  • Behind the ear: These styles vary in size and type but all have a tube connected from the battery outside the ear to the receiver/amplifier in the ear. Depending on your needs, an outside-of-the-ear portion could include an earmold.

Each category of hearing aid offers custom designs. All hearing devices are fitted to the individual; this is one of the most important points about having your device properly fitted and tuned.

We advise patients with hearing problems to begin their recovery process with professional hearing audiologists and not to purchase hearing aids from the internet. Correct fit and training are critical to successful hearing aid use.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Every hearing aid we dispense is a sensitive electronic instrument. They can be fragile under certain circumstances and might need repairs. Our technicians are trained to evaluate and, in many cases, repair your products. Some repairs will require that the device is sent to the factory or an authorized repair center. 

Hearing aids should never be dropped or get wet, but we know this happens sometimes. The repair could be as simple as a loose wire or something more complex but we can help repair devices from manufacturers we represent.

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Live Speech Mapping

Perhaps the most frustrating experience from loss of hearing is losing the ability to recognize speech. Speech detection is a unique hearing facet due to the changes in voice and volume that people use. If you have difficulty hearing speech, live speech mapping could help. This process is much like a hearing test except the in-ear microphones are hearing aids designed to very accurately measure recognition of speech on a computer.

You and a relative or friend will sit with a technician and use several speech patterns and volumes to create a detailed map of your ability to hear normal speech. This data allows a more accurate setting of your hearing aid.

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The eardrum, or tympanic membrane, is the origination point of sound that will be transmitted to the brain. Tympanometry tests check your hearing pattern while a probe inserted in the air canal changes the pressure at your eardrum. The sensation in the ear is much like the change in air pressure at high altitude.

Tympanometry tests the middle ear for hearing loss and helps determine if you are a candidate for hearing aids. The pressure equalization ability of the Eustachian tube in each ear is also checked. The results are shown graphically.