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Common Things to Expect During Your Hearing Aid Fitting

a hearing specialist performing a hearing aid fitting for his elderly patient

When you have learned that you are dealing with hearing loss, it’s natural to wonder what comes next for your hearing health. Speaking to your audiologist, you could feel overwhelmed at the range of hearing aids and hearing support options out there on the market, but the hearing aid fitting that you will be booked in for is there to ensure that you are confident about your hearing needs. A successful fitting is so much more than just choosing the right device and rolling with it. It’s going to be a time that teaches you how to care for your hearing aids and you’re going to learn which hearing aids work for your specific needs. 

A successful hearing aid fitting is so much more than just choosing the right device. It’s the fitting of that device to your ears so that you get the right support and the right fit. Before the appointment, you’ll have an appointment to check your hearing levels and detect the softest and loudest sounds that you can hear at different pitches. From these tests, your audiologist will learn what the hearing aid needs to do for you to amplify those softer sounds so that you can hear them properly. Below, we’ve put together a quick list of what you can expect during a hearing aid fitting. 

You’ll Learn About Hearing Aids

Firstly, you should know that there are different styles of hearing aids and different levels of hearing technology on offer. These along with the costs – will all be discussed at your appointment. Your audiologist is going to discuss different features available with you, and they’ll talk to you about which ones that they think will work best for your hearing needs. You’ll then choose the hearing aids that you want to order and ear impressions will be taken. Around two weeks later, you’ll go back for your fitting!

Your Audiologist Will Check the Fit

As well as checking the amplification of the hearing aids being correct, your audiologist will check whether they fit you properly. A thin tube will be inserted into the ear canal, and this will be connected to a microphone and the sound in the eardrum can be measured. The hearing aid will then be inserted into the ear and turned on.

The Hearing Aids Will Be Tested

Your audiologist will turn on the hearing aids and play different sounds to see whether you can hear them and at what level. This helps them to verify that the softer sounds that you originally couldn't hear are amplified properly. They won’t be uncomfortably loud, though, but they will take some getting used to!

The Hearing Aid Settings Are Verified

Lastly, the hearing aid settings will be verified properly so that you can be sure that your hearing aids are working properly.

Speaking to your audiologist about your hearing aid fitting is so important as you should be informed properly before you go about what every setting means. All these common things are expected during your fitting.