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Everything You Need to Know About Hearing Tests

audiologist checking for hearing impairment in her patient

Hearing tests are a critical part of being healthy; this is especially true for people who work in noisy environments, such as construction workers or musicians. A hearing test can help you understand if loud noises have damaged your hearing and how to fix it. In this article:

  • It will give you all the information about what a hearing test entails
  • Why it's important
  • What might be wrong if you need one

Reasons For a Hearing Test

Another reason one might get a hearing test is if they have trouble understanding what another person has said in conversation. This problem could stem from an issue with the individual's ears or brain processing the sound waves. A hearing test can help determine if one's ears are not working correctly.

Some people get a hearing test to ensure that they do not have any issues with their hearing ability, especially if there has been some trauma or injury done to the ear. A hearing test can ensure that there are no underlying problems before they become too severe to resolve on their own.

Common Types of Hearing Tests

Speech discrimination testing measures your ability to understand speech in a quiet environment compared with other noises that may be present. Finally, word recognition testing shows you how well you can hear and understand words presented under specific conditions.

Hearing tests will help audiologists determine the best course of treatment for hearing loss by measuring your ability to perceive sound without any outside distractions or factors affecting the results.

Period of Hearing Tests

Hearing tests may take anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, depending on the hearing test conducted. There are three types of hearing tests available: pure tone, automated speech discrimination testing (ASD) and binaural masking level difference measurements (BML). 

While pure-tone measures low, middle and high frequencies, ASD tests hearing speech in noise versus silence. BML measures a person's hearing level for each ear independently.

Hearing Test Results

Taking a hearing test is the only way to know the conditions of your ear. An audiologist will be able to tell you what's wrong with your ear and recommend treatment options for any damage that may exist. 

You can also get information about how much hearing loss has occurred, but this alone isn't enough information because there are many different kinds of hearing loss. To know what happened, you need a comprehensive and accurate assessment of your ears.

Hearing tests are the most critical part of getting your hearing back in good condition. These tests can also help determine if someone should be wearing a stronger set of headphones when they're playing music or working in loud environments so that their ears are less likely to become damaged over time.