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How a Hearing Health Professional Helps with Hearing Aids

an audiologist is performing a hearing aid fitting

First, you’ll be put in touch with a professional called a hearing aid specialist. But what is a hearing aid specialist, and what do they do? People who are experiencing hearing loss as a result of their age might seek help from this group of skilled specialists. An audiogram, which is a form of hearing test, is also administered by hearing aid experts. This group of hearing health professionals have also been trained to select from a variety of hearing aid kinds in order to best meet the needs of the patient.

They will begin by explaining to you the severity of your hearing loss and what kind of hearing aids are best suited to you. You may recall having an appointment to discuss other factors of your life such as hobbies and diet that could have an impact on your hearing when you first had your hearing loss diagnosed. These elements would have been taken into consideration too by your hearing health professional before recommending a particular type of hearing aid.

Your hearing aid specialist will also talk with you about what kind of features are available in certain types of hearing aids before you make a decision. Features such as directional microphones, background noise reduction, telecoils, Bluetooth connectivity and even the overall design of the hearing aid. These features aren’t available in all types of hearing aids, so if you like the idea of having extra capabilities, you can speak to your hearing health professional about this.

Your hearing health professional will be able to recommend the best kind of hearing aid suited to you, but ultimately it will be your choice. You may prefer something more discreet or you might even prefer something with a more durable battery. Either way, it’s important to choose one you’ll be comfortable with. 

If you’re unsure, there are four main things to take into consideration when choosing hearing aids:

Your Lifestyle

People who enjoy swimming, for example, would typically choose a different kind of hearing aid to those who don’t. Think about your lifestyle and discuss this with your hearing healthcare professional, they can help you find the right style for you.

What You Can Handle

Hearing aids are worn on the ears, as we all know, but some are more invasive than others and it's vital to identify what you'll be comfortable with. You can choose which will be the most comfortable for you and your needs.

Do You Need Accessories

Students with hearing loss, for example, will often bring an external microphone to hand over to their professor so that they don't miss out on important information regardless of where they sit in the classroom.

Which Is the Most Ideal?

Finally, consider where you'll be using your hearing aids the most and line it accordingly with the right hearing aid. Your hearing health professional will help you decide which hearing aid is right for you and will benefit you in the long run, with the lifestyle you live.