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Top Qualities to Look for in an Audiologist

woman being given a hearing exam

Audiology is a profession that requires a four-year doctoral degree, but just because someone qualifies as an audiologist, it doesn’t make them an immediate fit for the profession. It takes time to build the qualities of a top audiologist; here’s what to look out for in your audiology professional.   


If you’ve ever encountered a hearing or medical professional that lacks patience, you will know why it’s a poor quality to show. Professionals who lack patience might be more interested in treating you and moving on to the next patient, but this neglects the treatment you deserve. 

On the other hand, an audiologist with patience will take the time to get to know you and the detail of your condition. A patient audiologist knows that the more information they have about a patient, the better treatment they can provide. So simply monitor how much time you are given.   


To be an effective audiologist, you need to have excellent problem-solving skills. An audiologist will be able to interpret the data they receive from testing and make a clear and realistic judgment about the extent of hearing loss. Problem-solving is also useful for choosing a device.  

As well as problem-solving for medical reasons, an audiologist should make the best judgments regarding lifestyle choices. These days, hearing devices are optimized in different ways for different types of hearing loss. So, it’s important to choose the best one for your lifestyle.      


An effective audiologist will be able to communicate complex ideas in a simple and straightforward manner. Hearing loss can be complicated, especially if sensorineural hearing loss affects the inner ear, cochlea and neural pathways. The condition needs explaining. 

An audiologist should not confuse you about your hearing loss experience; you shouldn’t leave the audiologist’s office feeling as though you have important questions unanswered. Don’t blame yourself if you feel confused; the audiologist might be a poor communicator.     

Time Management 

Of course, you want your audiologist to spend as much time with you as required to understand your hearing loss experience. However, if the specialist is taking too much time to explain the same thing, there’s an issue with their time management skills and their professionalism. 

A good audiologist should not spend too little time with you – an indication of impatience – but neither should they spend more time with you than is necessary. If your audiologist takes too long with the appointment, it’s an indication that they might be underqualified for the role. 


Empathy is vitally important for the role of an audiologist. An audiologist needs to make individuals feel understood in a time of uncertainty and change. It can be unsettling and confusing to learn new information about your hearing potential and your lifestyle. 

If an audiologist lacks empathy, you might feel as if they are a little too cold and professional with you; they don’t leave much room for you to ask questions or try to understand the nature of your lifestyle. If this happens, it might be time to consult a different audiologist.