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What are BTE Hearing Aids?

a woman showing off her new bte hearing aids

These days there are many different kinds of hearing aid devices on the market. They range in size and features using the latest technology to enhance exterior sounds, reduce background noise, and introduce new features like Bluetooth that we're previously unavailable. 

Traditional behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing devices are very popular and feature-rich. Below you will discover what BTE hearing aids are, how they differ from other common types, along with some of the excellent advantages of choosing one for your hearing loss.

What does BTE mean? 

A BTE hearing device has an earpiece molded to the shape of your inner ear canal. This earpiece is connected to a small circuit incised in a plastic shell. Some tubing connects the two parts. 

This is a common type of hearing aid device with several advantages over smaller or more discrete devices. For one thing, the larger casing allows for a larger battery meaning the device can last for longer periods with repairs or maintenance. It also allows for the inclusion of more features.
How do BTE devices work? 

Although a BTE hearing aid is more notable than an in-the-ear (ITE) model, it can still be reasonably discreet when selected in skin or hair tones. The large casing that sits behind the ear contains the electronic circuits needed for amplification and the microphone. 

This casing that contains the electronics is connected to an ear mold via some tubing; the circuitry in the shell picks up sound in the environment and sends it amplified into the earpiece. The sound travels from the earpiece shell into the earmold and the inner ear. 

What makes them different?

BTE hearing aid devices house the receiver for the sound in the device's shell. This is unlike other types of hearing aid such as the ITE or the ITC types. But while they may not be as discrete or convenient as alternative styles, BTE hearing aids have many advantages. 

The biggest advantage of BTE hearing aids is their size – they may not be as discrete, but their size counts for something. The larger shell fits a bigger battery and more internal electronics such as a better microphone, Bluetooth and telecoms. These devices are also easier to fit and repair. 

Why choose a BTE device 

A BTE device is an excellent choice for anyone with hearing difficulties or tinnitus. The device is suitable for a wide range of lifestyles and hearing loss conditions; they are also very ears to fit, maintain, and repair. If it's your first hearing device or you need something practical, a BTE device is recommended. 

That said, you should discuss your options with your audiologist to make sure you install the device that suits you best. A BTE device will offer you long life and easy maintenance, along with a range of extra features that you won't find in smaller devices. Talk to your audiologist about your options before making any final decisions.