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What Hearing Aid Repairs Happen Most Frequently?

hearing aids in need of repair & maintenance

Modern hearing aids are very robust. This means that the most common hearing aid repairs are ones connected with mishandling. Here is a list of the hearing aid repairs which happen most frequently. There are also some tips on how to prevent them.

Battery Issues

All hearing aids are going to need their batteries replaced at some point. It’s therefore debatable if this can really be classed as a repair. It is, however, fair to say that following the manufacturer’s guidance on battery care will help to maximize battery life.

Damage to the battery compartment is another common issue with hearing aids. This is almost always due to mishandling. The key point to remember is that hearing aid batteries should fit naturally into place. If you feel like you’re having to force them in any way, you’re doing something wrong.

The two options are that you’re using the wrong type of battery for your hearing aid and that you’re putting it in the wrong way. If you’re sure that neither of these is the case, then the actual body of the hearing aid may have become damaged from being dropped.

Broken Hooks

This is the next most common type of repair for hearing aids. It’s almost always due to the hearing aid being handled without sufficient care. The key point to remember is that hearing aid manufacturers have to create hearing aids that are comfortable to wear. That means the hooks need to be relatively soft and delicate.

Ideally, you’ll avoid issues with broken hooks by treating your hearing aid with the care it deserves. If, however, you do end up with a broken hook, it’s usually a quick and easy repair for an audiologist.

Clogged Tubing

If the tube in your hearing aid becomes clogged, then it will cease to carry sound effectively. The most common reason for a hearing aid tube becoming blocked is earwax. Cleaning your ears regularly will help to prevent this.  

If, however, your hearing aid tube does become blocked, then it is a simple repair for an audiologist. Depending on the condition of the tube, they can either clean it out or just replace it.

Damaged Earmolds

Like hooks, earmolds have to be created in a way that makes them comfortable to wear. If they’re not they will irritate the ear. In fact, they may even cause small wounds on your skin.  

If your hearing aid stops feeling comfortable and you don’t quite know why, a damaged earmold could well be the reason. The good news is that issues with earmolds are easy for audiologists to repair.

Damaged Mics

Damaged mics only just make it into the list of common hearing aid repairs. It does usually take rough handling to damage the mic on a hearing aid. That’s just as well because repairing a damaged mic is a complicated job. Unless you’re very lucky, your audiologist will need to keep your hearing aid for a few days. They may even need to send it away for repair.