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What is the Importance of a Hearing Aid Fitting?

How is a Hearing Aid Fitted?

One of the most important pieces of the audiology puzzle is in getting your hearing aids fitted. This hearing aid fitting is going to be the appointment that unveils all the mystery behind your hearing aids. This is so important for your hearing loss treatment and in supporting your hearing loss. In this appointment, you’ll learn a lot about the right hearing aids, the options that you must choose from, the styles available to you and the features from which you can benefit. When you are diagnosed with hearing loss initially, you’ll be told which hearing aids are recommended for you and your audiologist will help to determine the right device for your hearing condition. 

So, why is this appointment one that you should never miss? Let’s look.

You’ll Ensure That Your Hearing Aids Fit

The most important thing? Your hearing aids need to be so comfortable that you don't notice their existence. This may sound ridiculous but hear us out! You need to be able to feel comfortable with your hearing aids and for that to happen, you need them to be fitted correctly. During your appointment, your audiologist will ensure that your hearing aids fit against your ears so that you don't experience bruising.

Hearing Aids Are Programmed Here

During your hearing aid fitting, your hearing aids will be programmed to ensure that they’re working for your ears. After you have found the right hearing aids for you, the audiologist will ensure that they are programmed to meet your requirements and they’ll check the settings and volume and then teach you how to change those if they’re not automatic. Some hearing aids are automated to pick up the environment, others require manual help.

Getting the Best Advice

When you have the right fit for your hearing aids, your audiologist will be able to tell you how to maintain and care for them properly. This’ll include cleaning tips, battery expectations and how to look after them when you’re in the bath or the pool.

You Get to Ask as Many Questions as You Like

During your hearing aid fitting, you can ask your audiologist everything that you want to know about your hearing aid types. You can talk up if you don't feel right about something and you can make adjustments as necessary, too. Every single question that you have about your hearing aids will be answered in this appointment, and if you don't go to the audiologist to get them fitted, you’ll find that your questions will not necessarily be resolved.

Fitting your hearing aids doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. With the right audiologist working with you, you can have your questions answered, your hearing aids fitted to perfection and you will have time to consider the hearing aid fitting appointment as a necessity to your treatment rather than a burden on your time. This appointment is not to be missed if you can avoid it – you’ll need the support from the best!