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Hearing Resources

When it comes to your hearing health, getting the treatment you deserve requires being able to identify the symptoms of hearing loss and other auditory-related conditions. Because these conditions often occur gradually, it can be difficult to recognize when you are experiencing them, which is why we offer important hearing health resources at Audiology Hearing Clinic of Mequon to help you take control of your treatment.

Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids

A comprehensive guide to hearing aids as a start to your journey to better hearing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to many of your questions about hearing loss and hearing tests, and hearing devices,

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How Hearing Works

Sound is the agitation of the atmosphere created by physical movement of an object, including wind. Sound is measured in wavelength and volume. As we know, sound must pass through the ear canal to the inner ear, agitate the hair receptors, move through the auditory nerve and be interpreted by the brain. 

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Degrees of Hearing Loss

The most common type of hearing loss is due to degeneration of structures of the ear and brain that process sound. Usually, due to aging, degenerative loss is widespread throughout the world. Exposure to loud noise throughout one’s lifetime contributes greatly to this health issue. Decades ago, the severity of noise-related degeneration caused changes to rules about hearing protection and noise exposure in working areas, but loud, uninterrupted noise or concussive noises are everywhere today.

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Impacts of Untreated Hearing Loss

Hearing loss changes lives. It is really that simple. Like many other medical conditions, hearing impairment means the impairment of parts of normal life activity. The fact is that most hearing loss will not be reversed, or “cured.” In many cases, it will get worse.

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Latest Hearing Health News

We provide the latest news in audiology, hearing loss treatment, hearing aids, hearing products and accessories in the hearing healthcare industry.

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Musicians’ Hearing Loss and Prevention

Musicians and others working in loud musical environments should take steps to protect their hearing. Products designed specifically of musicians allow these artists to hear every note yet reduce the impact on their middle and inner ears. Musicians’ earmolds and earplugs are designed with tiny holes that allow more frequencies to be heard than other devices.

Musicians need this type of protection whether practicing or playing in full concerts. Technicians for sound, theater workers and other employees of music venues large and small should have hearing protection.

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Tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears, is a condition thought to be age-related and deterioration related. Tinnitus is a symptom of a medical condition in the ears and is generally accompanies by hearing loss through aging. 

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