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"I have found Dr. Sarah to be one of the most competent and caring healthcare professionals I've ever worked with. She translates her experience and expertise into a highly individualized diagnosis and support for her clients, and leverages the best practices for her patients. Dr. Sarah cheerfully honors past Audiology Clinic clients and is very easy to work with. I would unequivocally recommend her to anyone dealing with hearing challenges." - Jim

"I had lost some of my hearing years ago when I was a police officer, but it always seemed that I could get along with the hearing loss. Over the years, my hearing got worse and I realized that I was asking my friends to repeat something they said to me. Whenever I had a conversation with my wife, every second statement she said to me had to be repeated by her.

About three years ago, my wife persuaded me to seek an evaluation of my hearing and I went to Audiology Hearing Clinic of Mequon. The results were devastating. I had lost most of my hearing in both ears. The staff at the clinic was most helpful in determining which hearing aid was best for me, not merely taking one off the shelves like they do in a big box store, one-type-fits-all mentality.

I purchased two hearing aids and life for me changed. I could hear birds sing, something that over time I could not hear anymore. I again could hear the detailed sounds coming from a symphony orchestra. I can now hear the sounds of a coming train. I realized that I had missed the quality of life that comes from having good hearing. Now, when I have to remove my hearing aids for showering or some other activity, I feel that I am in a different world, a world of almost entire silence. This is not a world I wish to return to in my daily living.

Regrets, I have only one. I wished that I would have sought professional help from Audiology Hearing Clinic of Mequon earlier. Dr. Sarah Holschuh has been very helpful in maintaining the best hearing aids money can buy. I missed so much out of life without the assistance of hearing aids. I can thank my wife for reminding me daily that I did need professional help to improve my hearing. I believe that it has improved our marriage." - Roy

"My hearing loss is significant and progressive, and as a result, having someone I can trust, who will hear what I am saying and needing, is of paramount importance when it comes to the person who will be responsible for my hearing and hearing devices.

From the first consult I had with Dr. Holschuh, I felt comfortable and assured that I had found that person I could trust to help me find the best hearing device for me and take me into the future. She gave me the most comprehensive audiogram I have ever had, including those administered by the surgeon who performed my original surgery years ago. She spent hours listening to my needs and wants, as well as describing pros and cons of available options. After receiving my BiCros, she was satisfied only after even the most minor adjustments were made. 

Sarah is the consummate professional, as well as someone who truly cares... both characteristics make me comfortable for the first time in many years about the security of my ability to function in a hearing world." - Margaret

"My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Sarah Holschuh since the time she joined the Audiology Hearing Clinic of Mequon in 2013.  Since then, we have met with her on many occasions, not only to purchase updated/new hearing equipment, but also to do the smaller things that keep both of our hearing aids in excellent working condition.

Because my husband has other medical issues in addition to hearing loss, it was particularly important for us find an audiologist that had prior experience working in medical settings.  Dr. Sarah works with us on a continuing basis and that's why our relationship with her is more than just routine audiological care.

So often these days we see large, full page color advertising in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel from "chain type" hearing aid stores, and I wonder if funds for those ads might be better spent on continuing education or serving the community in other more positive ways.  Because these ads run so often it makes me wonder if new clients with hearing needs stay at those "chain stores".  Do they get the long term benefits that can only come from the deep commitment that professional audiologists like Dr. Sarah bring to those of us who consider her a true friend, as well as part of our medical service group?

Both my husband and I feel so very fortunate to have found a sterling member of the audiological community to serve all of our hearing needs.  Hearing problems can start at any age and seem to escalate as we grow older.  Dr. Sarah has provided us with the tools to lead more normal lives with ears that now can hear the voices of our children and grandchildren." - Nancy & Robert